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Quick Review of The Cascades Gateway Park

Cascades Gateway ParkThere are some good and some bad things about the Cascades Gateway Park. Talking about the good stuff first, I really like the park because it is huge, like around 100 acres of land and greens. If you want to relax and just experience nature, you can have a great time at this park. You can do many things at the park because they have walking or jogging paths, a fishing lake, a golf course, picnic tables and shelters for reservation, playground equipment, and a dog park with a fence.

Now, onto the bad stuff, I think that some areas of the park have been camped out by homeless people. Some cars are parked there for I don’t know how long and with people living and sleeping inside the vehicles. Also, the garbage is not disposed of regularly because you can encounter trash bags around the park. I think that the park used to be great but with its current status and condition, it has become unfriendly for kids and families to enjoy.

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